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Are You Ready For Halloween?

halloween Spooktacular
decorated pumpkins

When our son was old enough to walk on his own, we couldn’t wait to dress him up and take him out for Halloween.  When the day came for trick or treating, the poor guy got sick with a cold and we couldn’t take him out.  But we still dressed him up and he watched the kids come to our door with sheer delight.  He was soooo excited to see the children come to the door. He would jump up and down repeating “chick-o-cheet”.  It puts a smile on my face every time I remember how small he was.

He was the cutest little purple dinosaur.  That was some 17 years ago.  Every year, we couldn’t wait to dress up our kids in all kinds of costumes.  When the kids were quite small, we dressed them for trick-or-treating in those cute lion or bear costumes.  It was perfect because when it was cold outside those costumes would keep them warm.  When my daughter came along, she too wore those same furry animal costumes for a few years.

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When the kids grew a little older, we would all dress up along with the kids.  Halloween was a family affair.  As the kids grew older, they obviously wanted different kinds of costumes.  I still have those costumes somewhere tucked away in tupperware.  Cannot seem to let go of them.  I am a true sentimentalist.

As the costumes changed, we made it a tradition to dress up in a theme . . . all 4 of us.  While I took the kids out trick or treating, my husband would stay behind to hand out the treats and give the older children quite a scare.  It began to be our thing.  Every year we would plan out what we would wear.  Here are some of the costumes we would wear.  Maybe it might help you figure out what kind of costumes you might want to get:

Halloween costumes
Bride of Frankenstein and Mr. Ninja
  • Purple Dinosaurs
  • Furry Animals … lion, tiger, bear …
  • Vampires, Bride of Frankenstein
  • Police vs Prisoner
  • Zorro vs Bandito
  • Biker Gang Family -my favourite
Biker gang family theme for halloween
  • Witch
  • Pirates
  • Cats – my daughter and I had fun with the make up
  • Mime – my daughter comes up with good costumes
  • Super stars – Katy Perry (my daughter) … Madonna (myself)
Halloween costume - mime
Little miss Mime
  • Fisherman
  • Sports Theme – I was a soccer player at work while others were baseball players, football player and hockey player
Katy Perry costume
This is my little Katy Perry

How Do You Prepare Your Home For Halloween

I love all the holiday/special events days.  With Halloween coming around the corner, it has started me thinking how I want to decorate our home this year. 

Ever since our son was old enough to know what halloween was all about, I have been decorating our home with all kinds of halloween fun.  But I kept it colourful and cute. Meaning I used the typical fall colours of orange, auburn and reds, cute little scarecrows and casper the ghost.  Another tradition of ours would be to carve some pumpkins together.  Every year we would carve it a different way.  So much fun was had. 

When both my son and daughter were a little older, I was able to advance my decoration skills into the dark and (little) scarier themes.  Heh heh heh!!!  The cutesy casper the ghosts and colourful decorations never went away.  I just added more scarier and darker things.

That’s when I added the blacks and dark purples to my repertoire of house decorations and the scary headless woman and witch-on-a-broomstick window dressings, among some.  Mua ha ha ha ha!! Cue the scary music 🙂  

  • seasonal tablecloth – think cobweb, purple, black, orange
  • lots of white cotton fluff – can also be used at Christmas
  • spooky halloween props like spiders, witch’s hat, scary garland – all can be found at HomeSense
  • green lightbulb for your front porch to make it just that much spookier 😉
  • had some cut out bats and rats in a heavier black paper and taped it to our staircase risers
  • also larger cutouts of some scary witches or headless woman or ghosts and goblins to put in the windows with a small light to just light up the cutouts in the windows.
  • we also put at the top of the windows a sticky window decal representing blood dripping down the windows.
  • can’t forget the scary music, right?
Halloween table decorations
witch on a broomstick
jack o lantern-pumpkin carving
skeleton lawn decoration
scary pirate lawn decorations
pumpkin carving
pumpkin decorations
Happy Halloween