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    Fitness & Wellness

    There is nothing more important that your health when you reach midlife. I want to show you how to have fun, while staying fit and healthy.

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    Learn how to lead a happy midlife debt-free. Learn how to start your very own side business, how to prepare for retirement, and so much more.

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    Home Life

    We will share tips around the house: how to keep your home organized, entertaining tips & tricks and so much more.

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    About Me

    Sylvia Raic-founder of Slys The Limit


    Hi my name is Sylvia Raic. Welcome to my blog Sly’s The Limit. I really want this to be a community of strong-minded women who have entered midlife or are just around the corner. Lol !!

    This is a community where you can feel comfortable to be true to yourself. It’s a community I created to help empower women to fulfill their passions and desires in life. Some of us have children who have already left home and have started families of their own. But if you are like me and still have children at home, we still have a ways to go before we are empty-nesters. And that’s ok too.

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